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9 months ago
Lone Mountain Cowgirl Designs

Look what Alison did with this tooled piece! She has some more of our pieces to work, it will be fun to see what she comes up with!

How awesome is this tooled leather beaded pendant? I love collaborating with other artists, and I’m looking forward to many more with the talented MCA Trading Co. I’m working on several other ... See more

9 months ago
Photos from MCA Trading Co.'s post

What do they say about horse shoers horses being the last shod, and mechanics pickups never running right?
Oh ya, that it’s true. Like Gypsy Roses’s name tag that fell off her year old collar. ... See more

9 months ago

Happy Valentines Day and happy Fri-yay! We are staying in with a nice dinner and new tennis balls for Gypsy Rose. Are you staying in or braving the crowds?

9 months ago

Happy Monday! 💃🏻We have this cute crossbody purse hanging around after the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale.

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